Product range

Wide variety of indoor plants
JoGrow is well known as a supplier of a wide variety of indoor plants. Our greenhouse mainly houses indoor tropical plants, particularly Aglaonema, Coffea Arabica, Dracaena, Licuala Grandis, Polyscias, Sansevieria, Schefflera and the Tiny family. We offer Hortensias on a seasonal basis, from week 15 to week 26. We devote a considerable amount of time and attention to innovating our product range by looking for new species and cultivating special varieties.

Import from Central America
We source most of our new species in Central America ourselves, and these are then transported to the Netherlands by our suppliers. Promising varieties become part of the permanent collection. In order to retain the quality of the plants they are almost always transported to the Netherlands by air. Our greenhouse perfectly simulates a tropical environment and, due to our excellent care and balanced plant protection, we cultivate plants of the highest quality.