About JoGrow

Nowadays it is all about green. People are interested in nature, health, sustainability and the environment, and green plants are completely in tune with that way of living. They add life and colour to your living or working space by bringing a piece of the outdoors indoors. Indoor tropical plants create a beneficial atmosphere since, as well as adding oxygen to a home or office, they also purify the air. By breathing through their leaves indoor plants absorb harmful substances, which are then stored and degraded in the plant or its roots. Air-purifying indoor plants convert CO2 into oxygen during the day and emit water vapour into the air, which improves the atmospheric humidity. Air-purifying indoor plants work like natural air fresheners, dispelling unpleasant odours. These plants will improve the indoor environment, at home or at work, making you feel better and improving your performance.

JoGrow is a family business and our involvement in horticulture dates back to 1922, although we only started cultivating potted plants in 1980. Over the years we have significantly expanded and modernized our business. In 2006 we relocated to the Hoenderparklaan 153 in Kwintsheul in the western part of the Netherlands, where we built a new greenhouse complex in 2008. This complex, which covers 30,000 m2, enables us to give plants the care they need to grow to their fullest potential.

JoGrow’s mission is to amaze our clients (merchants, garden centres and retailers) and consumers with plants that stand out from the rest in quality and variety. We aim to offer a stimulating range of duties to all our employees at every level.

In today’s market, where clients and consumers can choose from a wide variety of indoor and outdoor decor, we stand out by offering unique plant species, that create a warm atmosphere and contribute to a beautiful look. We are always working on bringing our services and products more closely in line with the needs of both our clients and the consumers.

JoGrow’s core values are:

  • Pride & Ambition
    We are proud of our product and always strive for even better results.
  • Fulfil & Share
    We use precise and appropriate information – both internally and externally – to fulfil our promises. ‘Going the extra mile’ is our challenge.
  • Diversity
    Innovation and variety are very important to us and this is also reflected in the way we work. Being involved from beginning to end is a great motivation.

Growers’ Association Decorum
JoGrow is affiliated with the Growers’ Association Decorum. The Decorum Plants trademark was established in 1999 as Merk Ontwikkeling Sierteelt (MOS). Decorum has grown from a simple growers’ collective to a professional and progressive marketing and sales organization offering added value to the participants, retailers and end users of its products. Decorum is an exclusive quality label that is sold in over forty countries and its clients are the wholesale trade and green specialists, such as florists and garden centres. Decorum does not deliver any products to cut price merchants. All products sold under its trademark comply with quality requirements that are even more stringent than those set by the Dutch Flowers Auctions Association. These requirements apply to both external and internal quality.

JoGrow is MPS-GAP SQ certified. MPS-ABC is the certificate used by nurseries to guarantee their environmental performance and ensures buyers the best quality. This certificate means we are one step closer to sustainable business operations, whilst also contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).